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About NAOP

Who we are?

The National Academy of Psychology (NAOP), India is a professional organization founded in 1987 that includes scientists, practitioners, and researchers in the discipline of Psychology. NAOP is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge in Psychology. In addition, the organization seeks to provide leadership in the continued development of Psychology as a discipline and promoting human welfare.


A major objective of NAOP is to promote quality of teaching and training for research in psychology and to foster training for growth of Psychology as a science as well as a profession. For more info, see the objectives of NAOP and history of the association. Practitioners, researchers and students of Psychology and related fields, NAOP has a number of divisions: Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Clinical and Health Psychology, Organizational Behavior, and Social Psychology.

NAOP (India) shall strive for promoting, advancing, and safe guarding the interests of Psychology as a discipline engaged in teaching, research, application, societal development, and human welfare. Its specific objectives are:

1. to promote growth of Psychology in India, and safeguard its interests.

2. to publish high quality journals.

3. to endeavour for setting up mechanisms for accreditation of courses of Psychology.

4. to establish and maintain liaison with national as well as International Associations in academic as well as professional matters.

5. to identify and honour individuals for their outstanding contributions to psychological research and/or professional practice as Fellows of the Academy.

6. to make efforts for ensuring high ethical standards in teaching, research, and professional services.

7. to promote highest standards of psychological measurement, testing and instrumentation.

8. to carry out such other functions as may be deemed necessary to achieve its primary objectives.

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